Testing and Assessment Services

Screening for mental health issues such as mood disorders, OCD, anxiety disorders and other common issues are available through clinical interview and assessment.  Asperger Syndrome is another area of assessment available at Oasis.



I now have Personality and Career testing available online!  You (or your employees) take the test at home at your convenience, then come in to discuss the results and receive your written report.

Available Personality Tests include: Available Career Tests:
The official Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Strong Interest Inventory
MBTI and Career Strong, College Edition
MBTI Work Styles Strong and MBTI combined
MBTI Communication Style Strong and MBTI Career Report
MBTI Stress Management Strong Profile, High School Edition
....and more .....and more

The MBTI gives you your four letter psychological type, such as INFP or ESTJ. Your type has a major effect on your social and work life. Knowing your type and the type of those around you can be very beneficial.  Good for self-exploration, team building, HR managers, couples, co-workers and even friends!


The Strong Interest Inventory gives you insight into what type of career industries you would most likely enjoy working and includes a list of your top career matches and ideal working environments. When you combine your Myers-Briggs report with a Strong report, you get some really helpful and comprehensive information about how your personality, work style, and interests might combine in various work settings.  Can be helpful for career direction or transitions, hiring, and for students choosing a college major or career path.



All testing services include a written report with recommendations and a meeting to go over the results in person.


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