Services for Counselors

Couneslor's Roundtable — FREE

Supporting each other for the benefit of our clients.

As a mental health therapist, your most important therapeutic asset is yourself. Counselor's Roundtable is a chance for licensed professional counselors, social workers, and psychologists to gather with colleagues and share challenges, ideas, feedback and support. Offered twice a month at Oasis. Call for time/day.

Continuing Education for Counselors

($100 per workshop + purchase of text if applicable) APT Provider #(pending):

Sand-tray Therapy—

Come learn about and experience this expressive arts modality and how it can be used to enhance your work with clients of all ages.

Text: Sandtray: A Practical Manual by Linda Homeyer and Daniel Sweeney.

Foundations of Play Therapy—

Based on the text by Charles Schaefer, (must purchase prior to class), explore how play therapy can be used within the framework of various counseling theories in working with children and families.

Text: Foundations of Play Therapy, ed. Charles Schaefer

Expressive Arts in Counseling—

Get creative! Explore the use of the expressive arts in counseling, such as play therapy, art therapy, imagery, psychodrama and more. Taught by specialists in the field of creative arts counseling.

Text: Counseling as an Art: The Creative Arts in Counseling by Samuel T. Gladding.

Psychodrama in Therapy—

You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn how psychodrama can help people break through their psychological roadblocks. Very powerful experiential class!

Please call or email Oasis Counseling & Enrichment for class offerings date/time.