Counseling Services

Individual Counseling


I  see children for issues such as anxiety, loss, changes, self-esteem, coping skills, as well as school and social issues. One of my favorite issues to work with is Aspergers Syndrome.  I have worked with kids with Aspergers for over 12 years in the educational setting and for over six years as a therapist.  This "disorder" has as many strengths as it does challenges.  I enjoy helping a child who felt "different," misunderstood and "less-than" find ways to re-gain self-esteem as well as develop insight, social skills, and coping skills. 

Play therapy is the most gentle and effective form of therapy for children.  I have extensive training in this modality and have dedicated the space and resources necessary to properly conduct play therapy. For the first session, I meet with the parent(s) alone to discuss your concerns and treatment goals and suggest ways to introduce therapy to the child.  Subsequent sessions are held with the child.  As treatment progresses, sessions or partial sessions with the parent alone are held as needed. Parents may also be brought in to their child's session from time to time.


Teens come in for issues such as anxiety, school pressures, and social problems. At this age, they often need an objective person, someone besides mom or dad, with whom to talk about their concerns.  This is a great time to receive extra support for life challenges and learn good coping skills and self-care that will be important throughout life.


My adult clients are basically healthy, well-functioning people who may be struggling with one or two areas of concern in their lives.  I work with adults on improving functioning, relationships, self-defeating patterns, decisional conflict and self-exploration. Adults who come to counseling value the opportunity to speak with someone who will be supportive, caring, insightful and confidential. Counseling is a great investment in yourself.

Family Counseling

Often one person in the family is seen as having the problems, however working on family functioning as a whole is sometimes the best and least pathologizing way to treat symptoms. During family counseling, parents may be taught how to reinforce desired behaviors, boost family bonding, and improve communication. Family members may be seen individually and as a group at different times.  Understanding the causes of behavior in an atmosphere of support rather than blame can lead to healthy changes.

Couples Counseling

I see couples for issues great and small including a "tune-up" in a well-functioning marriage/relationship, for serious issues such as infidelity, relationship stressors, disharmony,  adoption, pre-marital counseling and many other concerns.  I do not treat the following problems/issues-- domestic violence, custody disputes, or addictions but can provide a referral to another provider who specializes in these issues.  All couples are welcome.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is an economical way to receive counseling and offers the benefit of peer support.  It can be done alone or in addition to individual counseling.